A Final Word: This is it

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Welcome Series blogs.

We covered a great deal, and we want to take a moment to review everything!

(we’re providing the subject lines here so you can search if you want more info!)


Everything you need to know to download the app and get started. 

Blog 2 – What is the Level Method? 

An Overview of the Level Method and the MAP

Blog 3 – What to Expect with the Level Method

The three steps! Assess – Address – Progress

Blog 4 – What makes the Level Method so effective?

    All the details about what makes the Level Method so awesome

Blog 5 – the Most Powerful RULE of the Level Method

How your overall Level is Calculated

Blog 6 – REAL STRENGTH (and nerd science! Energy Systems!)

An overview of Objective vs Relative strength and Energy Systems

Blog 7 – Energy Systems: A SIMPLE analogy that delivers graduate level understanding

An overview of the HOUSE analogy that we use with Energy Systems

Blog 8 – What “RX” REALLY means

A quick discussion about the REAL Rx, and how to improve rapidly! 

Thank you again for taking the time to read through, we highly recommend going back through some of those and re-reading them!

Any further questions just ask me or Rik, but just know in time and in sessions all this will sink in so don’t worry. Me & Rik have done our research & were both very excited to start implementing the Level Method in Personal Training sessions going forward. This system really will help make training more focused, more individual & deliver far better results than without, that’s why we have both invested in it.

Thank you to all our amazing members that have stayed with us & support us during lockdown, implementing this system once we return is just one way of coming back even stronger than we were before & without your support, that wouldn’t be possible.


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