What to Expect with the Level Method

What to expect with level method?

The Level Method uses a 3-step system: Assess, Address, Progress — rinse, repeat!

What to expect with level method?

Level Method Step 1: Assess

The first step is to ASSESS your current ability by going through your initial assessments.

You can use the app to log your results and keep track!

The MAP (poster) is not online, it’s printed and will be hanging in the gym when the time comes to open again.

This is so all assessments take place in the gym during PT sessions.

Once you complete an assessment of a category, look at the corresponding colour on the MAP and log the results in your Level Method app.

Me or Rik will then validate & your fitness level/ ranking will update.


Level Method Step 2: Address

Then, with your new-found information, we will ADDRESS your weaknesses.

You can simply keep training regularly in CrossFit classes & do a monthly PT to see how you’ve improved & give you more areas to focus on in classes, home training or open gym,  OR you can do weekly PT and target your weak areas in a refined way so you Level up faster!…💥

Level Method Step 3: Progress

Finally, PROGRESS!

If you are working on your weaknesses and training you WILL improve, and you’ll level up when you re-assess!

It’s a great time to celebrate your awesome achievements, ⭐️ and then back to working on the next weakness areas.

There will be a lot of areas for improvement for everyone, but by applying your focus to the weak areas highlighted through this system, your overall functional fitness, performance & results are going to go through the roof, it will be well worth it & we can’t wait to help you every step of the way.

In our next blog we’ll be covering some of the reasons why Level Method is so effective, so keep your eyes open 🙂 


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