What Makes The Level Method So Effective?

What is level method?

The Level Method gives you information you simply can’t find anywhere else.

It shows you the EXACT next steps you need to make fast progress.

If you want to hit your goals, nothing beats having a clear plan of action.

Here are just a few benefits of using the Level Method…

Clarity fuelled by Millions of Data points

The Level Method has been developed over many years — and is fuelled by millions of data points – to create the standards for each level.

You’ll understand objectively where you are in YOUR fitness journey.

Armed with this clarity, you’ll be able to go wherever you want.

What are you training for?

To stay healthy? To lose weight? To look better naked? To compete? To become an absolute strength beast? The clearer the target, the more likely you’ll hit it.

The Level Method gives you targets in each category to shoot for, so it’s easier to have concrete, measurable goals.

Plus, every time you do hit those targets and level up, you’re recognized for your achievement 🏆 — which feels amazing!

Faster Progress

The big colourful MAP (Method of Athletic Progression) is also a map of fitness.

This will be the big 4×8 ft poster in the gym:

What is level method?

Once you know where you are, we can pinpoint weaknesses and work systematically to improve those areas.

This is not available anywhere outside of Level Method and gives you a big advantage in terms of improving as fast as possible.

Once we have done all the assessments in PT sessions we will be able to sit down with you and form a game plan, whether this is worked in weekly PT sessions, more specific scaling in group classes armed with the knowledge of exactly what’s holding you back, home or open gym programming, lifestyle/ nutrition group, all these options & more can be used more effectively with the Level Method & the clear path to progress it delivers.

Improved Safety

Most often times injuries happen when someone is trying to do a movement or weight that they aren’t ready for. 

For example, if the strength to do a weighted strict pull-up is absent there is risk when doing kipping pull-ups.

Making sure you progress through the levels and build the right skills and strengths will prevent extended layoffs due to injury and minimise downtime so you can keep improving!

The step by step milestones will also really help avoid plateaus in training by making sure you hit the required pre-requisites before progressing.

OK, we know there’s a lot of information in these blogs, & there’s more to come, it will be a lot easier explaining in person in front of the big poster in the gym, experiencing the assessments & using the app yourselves, but all that will come in good time. For now just soak up any information you can & ask any questions you want. We just want you to know that the Level Method is a seriously thorough system with a lot to offer & we can’t wait to implement it & bring even better results.

In our next blog we’ll review Your Overall Level and how it’s calculated! 


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