the Most Powerful RULE of the Level Method

CrossFit Level Method

YOUR Overall Level and the Most Powerful RULE of the Level Method.

CrossFit Level MethodThe Level Method helps you become a better version of yourself by shining a LIGHT on weak areas!

You’ll be able to improve and become more well-rounded, because it provides incredible insight.

The most important thing is that YOU are improving, and it’s easy to let the ego take control.

In order to improve as fast and safely as possible, it’s best to set the ego aside.

Most people cherry pick the classes they go to, to avoid the sessions that include their weak areas, once on the Level Method, in order to progress, those weak areas need to be addressed.

Ignore what everyone else is doing, focus on the work at hand — on your very next step along the MAP.

How Overall Level is calculated:

In real life, weaknesses hold us back.

It doesn’t matter how fast you can read if you don’t know the language.

Or how fast you can run a mile, if you’re dangling from a cliff and can’t pull yourself up.

In the Level Method, your Overall Level is based on your weaknesses, just like life.

Your Overall Level is calculated using the RULE OF 2’s.

It’s simple: take your two lowest levels, apply two stripes to each of them, then look for your lowest score, and that’s your level. You may have some levels in BLUE and PURPLE but have an Overall Level of YELLOW or ORANGE because of your weaknesses.

Here’s the good news.

Work on those weaknesses and your Overall Level will improve quickly.

Work to continually improve and keep working those weak areas!

In our next blog, we’ll be covering REAL STRENGTH and information on how all the energy systems are developed & tested — we’ll keep it brief! 🙂 


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