A Final Word: This is it

Thank you for taking the time to read our Welcome Series blogs.

We covered a great deal, and we want to take a moment to review everything!

(we’re providing the subject lines here so you can search if you want more info!)


Everything you need to know to download the app and get started. 

Blog 2 – What is the Level Method? 

An Overview of the Level Method and the MAP

Blog 3 – What to Expect with the Level Method

The three steps! Assess – Address – Progress

Blog 4 – What makes the Level Method so effective?

    All the details about what makes the Level Method so awesome

Blog 5 – the Most Powerful RULE of the Level Method

How your overall Level is Calculated

Blog 6 – REAL STRENGTH (and nerd science! Energy Systems!)

An overview of Objective vs Relative strength and Energy Systems

Blog 7 – Energy Systems: A SIMPLE analogy that delivers graduate level understanding

An overview of the HOUSE analogy that we use with Energy Systems

Blog 8 – What “RX” REALLY means

A quick discussion about the REAL Rx, and how to improve rapidly! 

Thank you again for taking the time to read through, we highly recommend going back through some of those and re-reading them!

Any further questions just ask me or Rik, but just know in time and in sessions all this will sink in so don’t worry. Me & Rik have done our research & were both very excited to start implementing the Level Method in Personal Training sessions going forward. This system really will help make training more focused, more individual & deliver far better results than without, that’s why we have both invested in it.

Thank you to all our amazing members that have stayed with us & support us during lockdown, implementing this system once we return is just one way of coming back even stronger than we were before & without your support, that wouldn’t be possible.

Energy Systems: A simple analogy that delivers graduate level understanding

All this technical stuff can get pretty complex when talking about energy systems.

But just as a quick review, last time we covered how energy systems give us insight into how workouts should FEEL & how we want to blur the lines in all that is true functional fitness, we want to as objectively strong (lift big & heavy) as we are relatively strong (strong bodyweight movements)! We also want to blur the lines in-between energy systems & that will be explained below. We want to be as good at sprinting as we are at endurance distance workouts & everything in-between, Level Method highlights any weaknesses for us to work on.

The truth is the body is complicated, and to make the best progress, you shouldn’t do crushing workouts all the time.

Energy systems give us a language and framework to understand these concepts.

If I said about the phosphagen, glycolytic & oxidative energy systems, most wouldn’t have a clue what I was talking about, never mind how what each involves, why & how to need to improve them to be more well rounded.

And we use a “House” analogy to teach and simplify these concepts.

But even in simplifying, much of this can seem complicated.

That’s ok, just know you are gaining knowledge that only a tiny percentage of people have & over time these concepts will sink in.

We use these words to indicate the roles that they play in a house.

In a house there is electricity, with wiring that provides shocking power, it has plumbing with pipes that deliver and flush fluids, and it has ventilation, with ducts and windows that keep the air flowing and temperature controlled.

It’s the same way with the body, but for us, electricity is the signals from brain to muscle for powerful contractions like sprinting or performing a snatch 1 rep max. Plumbing is the cellular fuelling elements like capillaries or heart & are really tested in short workouts like FRAN. The ventilation is how we get air through the lungs and blood & is more for longer distance, more controlled intensity workouts.

Each one of the 15 categories of the Level Method falls into a specific energy system.

And here’s where it gets really interesting!

By taking the appropriate scores from your levels, we can determine what your energy system strengths and weaknesses are!

These are known as AGGREGATE scores — a complicated word that basically means a SUMMARY OVERVIEW of what systems you are best in!

Your Electricity score is an aggregate score of your overall muscle strength.

Your Plumbing score is an aggregate score of your overall cellular fuelling.

Your Ventilation score is an aggregate score of your overall aerobic fuelling.

CrossFit Level Method

In our model, there are three broad systems: Electricity, Plumbing, and Ventilation.

Again don’t worry if a lot of this new information is going over your head. Overtime all this will sink in & knowledge is power. The more we know about any weaknesses you may have, the faster we can help you progress.

In our next Blog we’ll be covering the TRUE meaning of “RX”.

Real Strength and the Energy Systems

Lifting heavy things, objects… that’s objective strength.

Being strong ‘for your size’… that’s relative strength.

CrossFit Level MethodBoth are important, and the Level Method measures both.

If you have to move a boulder, being big and strong is an advantage.

If you have to climb a long rope, being small and strong is an advantage.

But nobody gets to choose the emergency — we have to be prepared, whatever the crisis!

Lose fat, gain muscle💪🏼 — acquire strength and skill!

The LEVEL METHOD gets all of this done and shows you exactly what to do!

Stay strong in your strengths, get strong where you’re weak, and improve your OVERALL LEVEL!

Some people are bigger & stronger which objective strength, some people are skinnier & able to achieve the more advanced bodyweight movement like pistol squats, proper press ups, toes to bar, pull ups, muscle ups, ring dips & more.

In CrossFit we want to blur the lines between all that is fitness, which includes objective & relative strength. There are many objective & relative strength tests in the Level Method, as explained in the previous the blog, your overall level is calculated on your weaknesses so that is what we will work you on to help you progress even faster, turning you into a well a rounded athlete & specimen of a human being. The same in objective/relative strength applies for energy systems explained below/ in the next blog.

Understanding the BASICS of Energy Systems.

Energy Systems is a complicated word for how the body uses different fuels to do things.

Why are energy systems important?

Energy systems give us insight into how workouts should FEEL & how to achieve the intended stimulus of the workout!

This sounds really weird, but the body is complicated, and to make the best progress, you shouldn’t do crushing workouts all the time.

Energy systems give us a language and framework to understand these concepts.

In our next blog we’re going to give you a SIMPLE analogy to bring these concepts together. 

Any questions just ask me or Rik.

the Most Powerful RULE of the Level Method

YOUR Overall Level and the Most Powerful RULE of the Level Method.

CrossFit Level MethodThe Level Method helps you become a better version of yourself by shining a LIGHT on weak areas!

You’ll be able to improve and become more well-rounded, because it provides incredible insight.

The most important thing is that YOU are improving, and it’s easy to let the ego take control.

In order to improve as fast and safely as possible, it’s best to set the ego aside.

Most people cherry pick the classes they go to, to avoid the sessions that include their weak areas, once on the Level Method, in order to progress, those weak areas need to be addressed.

Ignore what everyone else is doing, focus on the work at hand — on your very next step along the MAP.

How Overall Level is calculated:

In real life, weaknesses hold us back.

It doesn’t matter how fast you can read if you don’t know the language.

Or how fast you can run a mile, if you’re dangling from a cliff and can’t pull yourself up.

In the Level Method, your Overall Level is based on your weaknesses, just like life.

Your Overall Level is calculated using the RULE OF 2’s.

It’s simple: take your two lowest levels, apply two stripes to each of them, then look for your lowest score, and that’s your level. You may have some levels in BLUE and PURPLE but have an Overall Level of YELLOW or ORANGE because of your weaknesses.

Here’s the good news.

Work on those weaknesses and your Overall Level will improve quickly.

Work to continually improve and keep working those weak areas!

In our next blog, we’ll be covering REAL STRENGTH and information on how all the energy systems are developed & tested — we’ll keep it brief! 🙂 

What Makes The Level Method So Effective?

The Level Method gives you information you simply can’t find anywhere else.

It shows you the EXACT next steps you need to make fast progress.

If you want to hit your goals, nothing beats having a clear plan of action.

Here are just a few benefits of using the Level Method…

Clarity fuelled by Millions of Data points

The Level Method has been developed over many years — and is fuelled by millions of data points – to create the standards for each level.

You’ll understand objectively where you are in YOUR fitness journey.

Armed with this clarity, you’ll be able to go wherever you want.

What are you training for?

To stay healthy? To lose weight? To look better naked? To compete? To become an absolute strength beast? The clearer the target, the more likely you’ll hit it.

The Level Method gives you targets in each category to shoot for, so it’s easier to have concrete, measurable goals.

Plus, every time you do hit those targets and level up, you’re recognized for your achievement 🏆 — which feels amazing!

Faster Progress

The big colourful MAP (Method of Athletic Progression) is also a map of fitness.

This will be the big 4×8 ft poster in the gym:

What is level method?

Once you know where you are, we can pinpoint weaknesses and work systematically to improve those areas.

This is not available anywhere outside of Level Method and gives you a big advantage in terms of improving as fast as possible.

Once we have done all the assessments in PT sessions we will be able to sit down with you and form a game plan, whether this is worked in weekly PT sessions, more specific scaling in group classes armed with the knowledge of exactly what’s holding you back, home or open gym programming, lifestyle/ nutrition group, all these options & more can be used more effectively with the Level Method & the clear path to progress it delivers.

Improved Safety

Most often times injuries happen when someone is trying to do a movement or weight that they aren’t ready for. 

For example, if the strength to do a weighted strict pull-up is absent there is risk when doing kipping pull-ups.

Making sure you progress through the levels and build the right skills and strengths will prevent extended layoffs due to injury and minimise downtime so you can keep improving!

The step by step milestones will also really help avoid plateaus in training by making sure you hit the required pre-requisites before progressing.

OK, we know there’s a lot of information in these blogs, & there’s more to come, it will be a lot easier explaining in person in front of the big poster in the gym, experiencing the assessments & using the app yourselves, but all that will come in good time. For now just soak up any information you can & ask any questions you want. We just want you to know that the Level Method is a seriously thorough system with a lot to offer & we can’t wait to implement it & bring even better results.

In our next blog we’ll review Your Overall Level and how it’s calculated! 

What to Expect with the Level Method

The Level Method uses a 3-step system: Assess, Address, Progress — rinse, repeat!

What to expect with level method?

Level Method Step 1: Assess

The first step is to ASSESS your current ability by going through your initial assessments.

You can use the app to log your results and keep track!

The MAP (poster) is not online, it’s printed and will be hanging in the gym when the time comes to open again.

This is so all assessments take place in the gym during PT sessions.

Once you complete an assessment of a category, look at the corresponding colour on the MAP and log the results in your Level Method app.

Me or Rik will then validate & your fitness level/ ranking will update.


Level Method Step 2: Address

Then, with your new-found information, we will ADDRESS your weaknesses.

You can simply keep training regularly in CrossFit classes & do a monthly PT to see how you’ve improved & give you more areas to focus on in classes, home training or open gym,  OR you can do weekly PT and target your weak areas in a refined way so you Level up faster!…💥

Level Method Step 3: Progress

Finally, PROGRESS!

If you are working on your weaknesses and training you WILL improve, and you’ll level up when you re-assess!

It’s a great time to celebrate your awesome achievements, ⭐️ and then back to working on the next weakness areas.

There will be a lot of areas for improvement for everyone, but by applying your focus to the weak areas highlighted through this system, your overall functional fitness, performance & results are going to go through the roof, it will be well worth it & we can’t wait to help you every step of the way.

In our next blog we’ll be covering some of the reasons why Level Method is so effective, so keep your eyes open 🙂 

What is Level Method?

The first blog was just a little introduction to some developments were making at the gym, this blog & the ones following will explain in more depth about The Level Method.

What is the level method?

The Level Method is a system that will show you and us as your coaches, exactly where you stand in fitness. 

It gives you the knowledge, and us your coaches the tools, to help you achieve your goals faster than ever before.

Now there’s a whole lot of psychology and science behind how The Level Method was developed & how it works — but the simplest way is to think of martial arts – white to black belt.

The MAP (“Method of Athletic Progression”) is a detailed, yet an easy-to-understand chart of athletic tests that measure and reward greater achievements in functional fitness.

You’ll see a colourful board consisting of Levels moving left to right (separated by vertical lines), and Categories from top to bottom (separated by horizontal lines).

What is level method?

Each category has an upper number (MALE Standard) and a lower number (FEMALE Standard) and there are 32 Levels in each category.

What does the level method measure?

The Level Method measures your fitness across 15 categories that cover 10 “energy systems”, 8 coloured levels and over 60 different functional movements and variations.

Basically, you’re going to see a TRUE snapshot of where your fitness is and the weaknesses holding you back.

The 15 categories are comprised of:

  • Front Squat
  • Upper Body Pull
  • Lactic Tolerance
  • Deadlift
  • Upper Body Push
  • Upper/Lower Endurance
  • Weightlifting (Olympic Lifting)
  • Rings
  • Squat Endurance
  • Neuro & Core Endurance
  • Kettlebell
  • Flexibility
  • Running
  • Rowing
  • Aerobic Power Intervals 

Each category moves from left to right →, from beginner to advanced, and correspond to coloured levels, similar to a martial arts belt ranking system.

The information you obtain through these tests will show you exactly where you are in your fitness journey.

Knowing exactly where you are in your fitness journey is the first step needed to safely and effectively progress you toward your goals.

In our next blog we’re going to go over the THREE STEP SYSTEM the Level Method uses to push your fitness to new heights!

Thank you again for taking the time to read. Any questions fire over to me.

The Level Method: We introduce the Level Method to CrossFit Sale Moor

Welcome to the Level Method!

Both me & Rik are VERY excited to be a part of your fitness journey! By introducing the Level Method to the gym, we’re going to be delivering even better results than before.

We are implementing Level Method to compliment your CrossFit training, not replace it.

CrossFit Level MethodOnce we are able to start classes again inside the gym, they will continue on as CrossFit just like before lockdown.

We are implementing The Level Method for personal training so we can bring even better results & personalised, focused coaching to our members in future & the brilliance of this new system will be explained over coming blogs/ Facebook members group posts.

As your coaches we are serious about getting you the results you deserve in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

The Level Method helps you and us, as your coaches assess your fitness, address the areas that have room for growth, and help you progress towards your goals! 🏆

First up, please go to www.app2.levelmethod.com and sign up to start tracking your results.

Download the iOS app: HERE

Download the Android app: HERE

During the sign up, you’ll be asked to:

  1. Identify our gym
  2. Enter your information
  3. Set-up your account. 

You can also login via your Facebook account. That’ll be the fastest and easiest way to get rolling with the Level Method app.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t use Facebook to sign up, you will need to confirm your account with the confirmation email that will be sent to you within 12 hours of signing up. *If you don’t find the email, please search “Level Method” in your junk and spam folders* 

Once we accept your request, you’ll be able to:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Enter your levels as you complete the 15 assessments. Assessments will only be able to be completed under the supervision of me or Rik.

Starting off with this blog, we will be releasing more blogs on the website (will be announced in the members Facebook group) to educate members on the many benefits that The Level Method will bring to our gym.

Keep your eyes open for our announcements with the blog link because we will be covering:

  • What the Level Method IS and how it gives you a TRUE snapshot of your fitness.
  • How the Level Method Works, and our Simple 3 Step System that helps you achieve your goals.
  • What’s in it for you and WHY the Level Method matters.
  • And More!

Level Methos CertificationBoth me & Rik have had our eyes on this system for a while now & the more we have looked into it, the more we liked it. It really will help CrossFit Sale Moor & all the members who use it will take their fitness & results to the next level.

We have taken the jump during lockdown & invested in this system. To invest more in all of our amazing & loyal members that have been able to stick by us during the LOCKDOWN.


Level Methos Certificate

We have both completed all the required online training & are very much looking forward to helping members ASSESS, ADDRESS & PROGRESS their fitness levels.

Thank you for taking the time to read. A new blog will get released every night at 8pm, which we will remind you of in the Facebook members group with a link.

Any questions after reading a blog, just message me or Rik.


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