CrossFit for beginners

We pride ourselves on making CrossFit for beginners an enjoyable experience. The coaching team at CrossFit Sale Moor take the time to learn every member’s fitness goals and provide scaled workout options to help new CrossFitters get the most from every session.

6 CrossFit tips for beginners

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help those new to CrossFit.

1. Take the time to learn great CrossFit technique

Some of the exercises in CrossFit can be bewildering for beginners. Many of the techniques can take a long time to master. For beginners it is important to take the time to learn great CrossFit technique so that it becomes natural. This will aid long term progress with great form and minimise the chances of injury.

2. Ask your CrossFit coach whenever you’re unsure of anything

Our great coaches will always take the time to explain each workout and demonstrate every movement. This includes the list of terms and jargon in our CrossFit Glossary. Throughout every session our coaches are there to advise members and they thrive on answering queries from beginners. Don’t be shy. Ask our coaches anything CrossFit related to help you get the most from every session.

3. Don’t put pressure on yourself to lift heavy weights at CrossFit

One of the great things about CrossFit is the emphasis on recording your performance and measuring your progress. This helps you measure your progression over time. Remember that some days are better than others and every day cant lead to a personal best. Leave your ego at the door and treat each session independently. Some days you will feel like lifting heavy weights and other days you wont so don’t put pressure on yourself.

4. Don’t compete with other CrossFit members

In our small class sizes there is likely to be a wide spectrum of experience and capability. Every member is unique and there is often a temptation to keep up with the person in the rack next to you. Our advice is don’t try to compete. Whereas competition CrossFit is a sport it is best to resist the temptation to compete with other members. Focus solely on your own goals and your own progress to get the most from every session.

5. Judge your progress over months not days

Progress takes time. The benefits of CrossFit take time to become evident. There is no shortcut to success so it is important to relax and measure performance over long periods of time.

6. Nutrition is important to realise your goals

CrossFit isn’t a silver bullet. To experience great progress it is important to consider your nutrition almost as much as your next CrossFit WOD.




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Our qualified coaches, under the guidance of Phil Pownall, are on hand to ensure every member gets advice and assistance at every workout.

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